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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homemade Beet Root And Pumpkin Ang Koo Kuih

This is what I had for breakfast today - homemade ang koo kuih which my mum made.  She had made them in Ipoh, froze them and then brought them to KL in a chiller box. 

Her homemade ang koo were made with all natural ingredients. The skin of the red ones were made from beet root and the yellow ones from pumpkin.  She also made purple sweet potatoes ones but they are not in the picture.  For the filling, she used green beans/mung beans, which she cooked and blended.

Love these homemade ang koos to bits! They are not oily and the skin is not thick and rubbery. I can chomp down all these for breakfast if I can just throw my trim-and-fit plan out of the window haha!

ang koo
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