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Monday, October 21, 2013

Purple Carrot Soup

The other day in Facebook, I saw one of my friends in Australia posting pictures of purple carrots. I was intrigued and then looked around at supermarkets here in the hope of finding purple carrots too.  Last week, I finally spotted the purple carrots in a mini mart near my where I stay.  At about RM3.50 for 2 pieces, it is pretty costly but I was eager to get them to try.

Did you know that purple foods are bursting with goodness? Let's see what they can do for your health...

1) Purple foods are high in antioxidant and anti-aging benefits
2) Purple foods may be able to fight cancer cells
3) Purple foods are ulcer-fighters
4) Purple foods are good for your liver
5) Purple foods are good for the heart
6) Purple foods prevent urinary tract infections

purple carrot 1

At a look, the raw purple carrots looked like some rotten roots, caused by the dull blackish color of the skin.  When the skin is peeled, the flesh of the carrot is in bright purple. What attractive and pretty color!  .

I used the purple carrots to whip up a quick vegetables soup for the kids. With the soup, I blanched some yee mein and added tiger prawns and some meatballs.  With natural sweetness coming from the purple carrots, orange carrots, chicken ribs and cabbage, the pot of soup was very sweet and delish!

purple carrot 2
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