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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Udon With Awase Miso

Here's another post on food.  Lately, this blog has morphed into a food blog with almost every posting and picture on food LOL!  For those who visit to read updates on my girls or for stories on parenting, pardon me. I have been very busy lately with my online store and with cooking, thus, the lack of  write-up on the girls and on parenting.

Last week, I prepared a new dish for the girls.

I cooked Udon noodles with Awase miso paste as the soup base.   There was also a stir-fried cabbage with minced pork dish to go along with the Udon.


I bought this pack of Awase Miso paste from one of those stores that sell Japanese food stuff in Tokyo Street @ Pavillion KL.

I find Miso paste a versatile condiment to use.  It can be used to prepare soup and to flavor meat, fish, veggie and to stir-fry noodles.   The soup with Miso paste can be prepared into a 1-pot dish when you add tofu, seaweed, chicken fillet, veggie, crab meat sticks, eggs and whatever you fancy into the soup.

Miso paste can be very salty if you use too much.  Just go easy on the serving and test the taste before serving.  You can add more water to dilute the saltiness.

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