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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finally, Alycia Is Accepting PINK!

Lately, my not-so-girlish eldest daughter started to like wearing pink!  And from the little girl with frumpish taste in fashion, she is starting to accept what I chose for her.  In this picture, she is wearing a Padini Kids tri-colored short pants -- the back of the pants are pastel yellow and pastel pink on each side. When I first showed her the pants at the mall, she gave me a disgusted look, like "I ain't gonna wear that!!" but after some encouragement from her grand-aunt and me, she finally agreed to try the pants and said "OK" to her dad paying for it. I was like, WTF, what kind of world is this where a mother has to plead with her daughter to try on new clothes and to buy them?!! *roll eyes*!!  Well, this never happened during my time. I was always the one pleading and pestering my mum to buy me new clothes!  Always!

In this picture, Alycia also wore a pair of flip flops with a FLOWER on top.  Yeah, she finally accepted FLOWERS  muahahaha!!  And of course, I was so happy that she likes this PINK color ribbon Minnie tee from HK Disneyland!

I am still working on getting her to accessorize her hair and to wear skirts and dresses. I know it's a tall order to change someone's character and preference but I think it can be done.    This girl will morph into a beautiful young lady who loves dresses, heels and all things feminine. Yes she will.   Just give me a little time to brainwash her ;)

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