Health Freak Mommy: Our Prophet Muhammad Public Holiday - 14 January 2014


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Prophet Muhammad Public Holiday - 14 January 2014

The hubs bought Sherilyn a bicycle for her 6th birthday three years ago but you know what? The bicycle has been collecting dust and rust in the shed of our condo basement since the day the bicycle arrived. When hubs bought the bicycle for Sherilyn, he also bought one for himself but as usual, we are too often bogged down with busyness and laziness, thus his bicycle has also been long neglected.

Today being a public holiday, he finally moved his butt and took the girls cycling at the tennis court of our condo, with him cycling along with them. But they had to shower their bicycles before they could ride on them as the bicycles were coated with a thick layer of dust icing *eeeuuuuuueee*

Hol 1

While they cycled in the tennis court, I worked out in the gym before our next pigging out session in the afternoon haha!
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