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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Promising Young Chef!

For two days in a row, Sherilyn has been dishing out this cucumber onion omelette dish for breakfast for everyone and man I tell you, it was really delish! Even Alycia, who has always been critical of Sherilyn praised her for whipping up this delish omelette dish. There is no special ingredient used but the concoction of cucumber + onions in the egg mixture just made this simple egg dish very flavorful.

Sher fries egg2

Ingredients that Sherilyn used:
1) Eggs
2) Cherry tomatoes
3) Small onions
4) Japanese cucumber
5) Fresh milk
6) Salt
7) Pepper
8) Mixed herbs
9) Cooking oil

Initially I was skeptical that she could handle everything on her own in the kitchen. But I have been really busy the past two weeks and had no time to supervise her in the kitchen, so I said yes to her when she asked me if she could make a special omlette dish for us. During my MIL's four-month long absence recently, Sherilyn has shown keen interest in learning the ropes of cooking. Whenever I cooked, she would stand next to me, observing. Sometimes I let her help me at the stove when my hands were all tied to something else.

Sher fries egg1  

Sherilyn is a very promising chef, despite her clumsiness. Thank God she did not cut her fingers while chopping the onions and cucumbers and did not burn her hands on the stove. All I can say is practice makes perfect!  Good job Sherilyn!
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