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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A girl in Cass' kindy really needs a detox of her body and mind from the iPad. She goes to school on most mornings crying and feeling sleepy. According to the teacher, the girl's parents are unable to control her. She is an only child, and very much loved and pampered. As they are both busy working parents, the girl is left at home with the grandparents, who uses the iPad to keep her entertained. When the iPad is taken away from her, all hell breaks loose. On most nights, she will play with the iPad till the wee hours. In the morning, she will have trouble waking up. This happened last year. I hope that by now, this girl is totally detoxed and weaned off the iPad. Some people may need an oxy detox. For electrical gadgets addiction, you can detox by killing the gadgets and engage yourself in something else.
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