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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Down The Happy Memory Lane

I was playing with some new photo apps installed in my new Samsung Note 3 and was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a Gallery which showcases all the pictures in my Picasa gallery dated way back to 2007. Looking at the pictures brought me back to memory lane, when I was a newly turned stay-at-home-mom with Alycia and Sherilyn who were 3YO and 1.5YO respectively. I really do miss those days when my life wasn't that stress as I had a very capable and good live-in maid - kakak Su. I left the entire household to her to handle, with me giving her minor supervision. Plus I had only 2 kids then and I did not have any online business to run back then.  My online assignments got me lucrative pocket money until the global economy disaster towards the end of 2007.


My hands got itchy and I transferred the pictures to my computer and then did photo collages using this new app called Fotor on my new desktop computer running on Microsoft 8.

My 2 babies - cute moe?  And the cute things that they did -- plastering daddy's body with stickers, trying to eat flowers and lots more. And I miss those daily evening or morning walks and play time in the playground with them and kakak Su.  Back then, I made sure that they exercised every single day. I was a staunch believer of Glenn Doman who extols the benefits of exercise for kids.  And oh yes, those 3-4x a day of reading homemade flash cards! I actually had so much time to make flash cards and to flash the cards to them 3-4x a day to my 2 babies!

old pic collage 2    

 I so miss Alycia and Sherilyn's baby and toddler days very, very much!

Old pic collage 1
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