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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lovable Girls

Here's a picture of my Charlie's Angels with their cutie cousin, Raelyne.  Raelyne is my eldest brother's only daughter. This picture was taken during CNY in Ipoh at my parents. My girls dot on their baby cousin, especially Cass, who treats her like a life doll.

It's funny that my 3 daughters and their baby cousin all have looks of their own and have very little or no resemblance  at all. Tell me, do you spot any resemblance in them? Hair color and skin color do not count ok. Only facial features ;)

Photo: My four most lovable granddaughters ....From left: Cassandra Yap (6), Raelyne Yong (2), Sherilyn Yap (9), Alycia Yap (10).

I forgot to mention that my daughters' trademark are their dimples!  Both Alycia and Sherilyn have dimples on both sides of their cheeks and Cass has one on her left cheek. I have none and I am forever thankful to God for making my dream come true by bestowing my three daughters with to-die-for dimples! I was obsessed with dimples when I was young and still wish that I was born with seductive dimples like my daughters teehee...

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