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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mouth Guards For Bad Sleeping Habits

Some people may develop a poor habit of grinding their teeth at night while sleeping. Such a habit can create multiple health problems. For example, the grinding mechanism can gradually chip away tooth enamel and lead to an increased risk of developing cavities and dental caries. Additionally, chipped teeth look unsightly and may require cosmetic dental procedures such as bonded veneers. In addition to causing problems in the mouth, teeth grinding also creates issues in other parts of the body. For example, excessive grinding can lead to earaches and headaches because of the strain placed on the jaw and surrounding muscles. Trying to stop teeth grinding at night is an example of an attempt to improve one's health due to a poor habit.

The best way to stop teeth from grinding against each other is to use a physical barrier. A mouth guard needs to be worn in order to prevent any contact between teeth. Some guards are made to fit anyone's mouth thanks to patented designs that automatically adjust to a unique layout of teeth. Sometimes, a dentist can make a custom molded mouth guard that can be worn at night to prevent too much grinding of the teeth.

Mouth guards should be washed daily with special solutions. Rinsing with water is simply not enough to remove all of the saliva and bacteria that may be on the plastic mouth guard. Sometimes, special heat solutions are applied in order to thermally clean a mouth guard that is worn daily.
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