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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thoughtful Sweetie-Pie

Cass has always shown a maturity level above her age.  The things that she says and how she thinks are way above that of a 5-YO girl. 

Yesterday, as I was going through my kids apparel supplier's website, I could not resist those pretty dresses and wanted to buy a few for Cass.

Me - Baby, come and see these dresses. (showing her the pix on the website). Do you like this one?

Cass - NO!

Me - what about this one?

Cass - NO!

Me - this one leh?

Cass - yes!  But... I think you better not buy.  I have too many clothes.  You better not waste your money ok. I don't want any more new clothes. I have enough clothes to wear.

Awww, isn't she thoughtful? Not only is she a brave little soldier, she is also very thoughtful and sweet.  Throughout dinner yesterday, she peeled crabs and put the crab meat into my mouth coz she knew that I don't like to peel crabs as this makes my hands smelly.  I am totally awed by this sweetie-pie :)

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