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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Happy Wet Thursday - 21 March 2014

Every day things that we always take for granted will only be appreciated if those things have been taken away from us, such as the rain and water flowing from the taps. After weeks of drought, we finally had a good session of heavy rain yesterday.  It did rain last week and when it did, many of us were proclaiming our joy in Facebook. But our joy was short-lived as the rain in most areas in the Klang Valley only lasted for a pathetic 5-10 minutes! That rain was probably induced from cloud-seeding.

Yesterday it poured for over an hour, woohoo!! I hope that it rained at the water catchment areas and dams too. I was doing the rain dance and just had to snap a picture of the precious rain water pouring from heaven! LOL!

Rainy day 20 Mar 2014

After a heavy downpour, Cass went for swimming lesson.  How I missed the cool and breezy weather in the evening. I can finally sit on the deckchair next to the pool and watch her swim without getting roasted by the sun :)

Cass swims 20 mar 2014
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