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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Junk Food

On the last day of school for the first term last week, Cass brought home a party pack. It was from her friend who celebrated her birthday in the kindy. As usual, all that was in the party pack was junk food! I had expected it.

 photo Junkfood1_zpsd7bdbcfa.jpg

My girls love to receive party packs and if what they get are junk food, they know that they ain't allowed to eat most of the items in the party pack. Most of the junk food go to our part-time helper or to the guards at our condo.

Please don't throw darts at me for being a health food fanatic ok. Junk food is really bad not just for kids but for adults too.  If you look at the ingredients printed on the packaging, all you see is a long list of chemicals ranging from MSG to coloring, preservative, nitrate, sugar, sodium, artificial flavoring, artificial sweetener (which is worse than real sugar) and some scientific names that I don't even have the slightest idea on what they are. O_o. Do you want these to get into your kid's body? Sorry if I threw cold water on you if you are a snacks lover. I was once a junk food and deep fried food junkie.  Now, I have kicked off the addiction 99%.   Yes, I still have 1% craving and still do indulge in them once in a purple moon ;)

 photo Junkfood2_zpseb3b1346.jpg
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