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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

People have the power to make drastic changes in their lives by adopting a new diet or exercise routine for the sake of better health. Some individuals decide to follow a vegetarian diet while others follow a more strict vegan diet. People often change their eating habits in order to improve overall health and well being. Sometimes, there may be a certain satisfaction of abstaining from eating animal products. People may be thrilled by the idea that they could survive on only plant based food.

A vegetarian diet restricts the consumption of any animal products including meat and seafood. Vegan diets are more strict in that they do not allow the consumption of dairy products, eggs and fats derived from animals. Seafood is also off the table in a modern vegan diet.

Vegetarians and vegans rely heavily on obtaining their daily nutrients from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Sometimes, dietary supplements featuring all natural ingredients are also taken in order to obtain certain vitamins and minerals. Tofu and beans are often used as major sources of protein for vegan and vegetarian diets that exclude raw meat and seafood. Nuts are also used as rich sources of fats that would otherwise have to be obtained from seafood and certain meats.

It's a proven fact that a new diet can change the way you live. Eating certain foods may also provide emotional satisfaction. For example, animal rights activists can enjoy meals that are derived fully from plants and not any living creatures.
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