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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When You Washed Your Dark Colored Clothes With Tissue Paper!

The culprit left tissue papers in her pocket again! Grrrrrr!!! As usual, I am always in a rush to complete my laundry chores, so that I can proceed to the next chore. After sorting out the dirty laundry and slotting them into washing nets, in they go into the washing machine. Hardly do I check the pockets. I had told them umpteen times that tissue papers washed with clothes in the washer is a major disaster and that they should never ever conveniently leave tissue papers in their pockets.

But habits die hard. Someone left her brain in the drain and thus left the tissue paper in her pocket! So die la. My load of clothes, which had hubster's black shirts and black pants kena badly! Boy was I fuming mad! Happened when I was rushing to bring Alycia and Sherilyn down to the lobby to wait for the transporter early in the morning. And I had no time to fix the problem. All the clothes in the washer were stained with bits of tissue papers. The washer tub and the gutter were stuck with tissue papers everywhere. Everyone said "NOT ME!!" Gawd, I was so irate I could explode! When Cass came back from school that day, I assigned her to help me stick the disintegrated bits of tissue papers off the clothes with celo tape. She was excited and very earnest to help ha ha!

little helper 1 

  little helper 2

 An hour later, all the black clothes were salvaged!  Told you she's a very  good baby.

Beside using celo tape to painfully stick the tissue papers off the clothes, what method do you use to salvage your tissue-stained clothes?
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