Health Freak Mommy: A Wet Thursday and Cass Does A Split In The Water


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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Wet Thursday and Cass Does A Split In The Water

Today for the first time in months, it rained for SO long *YIPEEEEE*!!  May it rain and rain and rain for days and weeks to fill up all the darn drying dams.  And may the darn water rationing be lifted soonest possible!

The rain started at about 5ish am and lasted through to about 4:30pm. It was very breezy and cooling today, which all of us really missed but the wet weather took a toll on our wet laundry. I had to hang the clothes in our living room and bedrooms and turned on three ceiling fans the whole day to fan dry all the clothes.

Thankfully the rain stopped  just in time for Cass to attend her swimming lesson. She has shown an improvement in her free style strokes. Her breathing technique has improved as well but I still think she needs loads more practices to perfect her breathing technique, so that she can swim a longer distance.

And today she showed me how she did a split inside the water, see....
 photo watersplit_zps279edc94.jpg
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