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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cass Eats Fish Head

Cass is the youngest kiddo I ever know who will nibble on a fish head. Yes, a fish head of all parts!

This picture was taken at a Chinese restaurant on my birthday 2 weeks.  My dad ordered a fish and after everyone had taken the fish meat, my baby girl attacked the fish head and patiently dug out the fish meat from the cheeks, eyes and neck, put it into her mouth and fed me with it too.  She even helped me peel prawns and put the de-veined them into my mouth, knowing that I don't like to dirty my hands peeling seafood.  When she's good, she's really a God-sent angel :)


Ans she tried to duck away from the paparazzi, who secretly tried to photograph her in action, HA HA HA!
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