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Friday, April 18, 2014

Crazy Bloke

There is this bloke at our condo who has been sun-bathing almost daily for the past one year. On most days, he sun-basks twice a day, at the time of the day when it is hottest. He even lies on his tummy and raises both his legs and hands up to the sky so that the sole of his feet and palms get a tan too!! Really crazy overload!!

Each time Cass sees this crazy guy wearing only an underwear on the deck chair exposed like a salted fish in the hot sun, she will ask me curiously why this guy is doing this everyday.

Just now at about 3pm, Cass saw the crazy bloke again from our window.


Cass - mummy, look!  It's that guy again on the deck chair.  Why does he want to do this everyday?

Me - yeah, he's crazy!

Cass - I wonder why he wants to be so brown!  He is already so brown now.  Maybe he wants to be browner? (I started to laugh out loud in my heart with Cass' word of 'browner')

Me - Maybe...

Cass - I know, he wants to be black!  Just like my friend N who has black skin.

Me - You can't say that to your friend.  Don't ever ask your friend why he has brown or black skin ok?  That is very rude.

Cass - OK.  I wonder why that guy is so crazy.  Why did God make him so crazy??

This girl of mine is really funny!!

LOL!!  Yeah, I want to know from that crazy guy why he wants his skin to be 'browner'.  He has been sun-bathing for over a year and he is already as brown as a brown cow.  Cass may be right.  Maybe he just wants to have skin like a black cow muahahaha!!

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