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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

D'Cuisine @ PJ Plaza 33

On Easter Sunday, the foodie hubs brought us to a  eatery at The Plaza, Jaya 33 after church.  It was our first time lunching at d'Cuisine and I must say that the food was yummeh and well deserves another visit.

Whenever the foodie hubs brings us to a eatery that we have never been to, we will surely be treated to a huge array of items on the menu.  That is why, I never have to bother flipping through the menu each time I dine with him for I know I will never leave the eatery feeling half full *BURPS*

Deep fried water chestnut prawns.  I have weaned myself off deep fried food for about half a year already but this plate of grub deserves a little diversion from my course and I had half a prawn just to try it.  Yup it was delish! 


This plate of lemongrass pesto and shrimp fried rice is by far the tastiest fried rice I have ever tasted.  For someone who hardly eats rice, I walloped quite a bit of it.  The  basil leaves and kaffir lime leaves along with onions (which are all my favorite natural seasonings) imparted such refreshing and aromatic flavors to the rice.  This is going to be a dish that we will definitely order again should we dine at d'Cuisine again.


This set of coconut milk rice with fried chicken and sambal prawns is another signature dish of d'Cuisine.  The prawns were very flavorful and the coconut rice was superb -- full of santan flavor and texture of rice was impeccable!  For someone who hates to eat rice to say that this coconut milk rice is nice, you really have to order it to sample it yourself! ;)


Garlic Ribeye steak for the hubs, which I find just mediocre and nothing to shout about.  We were quite disappointed with this piece of bovine which cost the most among all the dishes, priced at RM63!


Fish head noodles for Cass my noodles-loving girl...


Can't recall what this is called.  I think it is some boneless chicken chop cooked with some herbs and spices, which was very flavorful too.


Now for the desserts...

Sticky rice with coconut ice cream.  I did not quite like the taste of the sticky rice and I actually found the taste a tad rancid.


Latte that hubs and I shared. Coffeelicious!

This plate of uninteresting combo of black and white was surprisingly the yummiest of all the desserts!  I loved it very much!  The black scoop on the left is not ice-cream but a uniquely prepared black sesame pudding bursting with sesame lava inside.  I polished off almost the entire plate all by myself as my kids are not fans of black sesame.

This Avocado Espresso Caldo is a sure thumbs-up for coffee lover.  It is home-made avocado ice  cream on a glass bowl placed atop  a glass jar of ice cubes with rich Espresso poured onto the ice cream.  My coffee loving girls loved this and so did I!

And finally the bill.  If not for the overpriced and below average Ribeye steak, I think the cost is pretty reasonable.

Our overall experience at d'Cuisine was good and there will definitely be another visit there.

D'Cuisine @ PJ Plaza 33
Ground Floor
The Plaza @ Jaya 33
Jalan Semangat
Section 13, Petaling Jaya
Business hours:
Mon-Thurs : 11am- 3pm ; 6pm-11pm
Fri – Sun : 11am-11pm

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