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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five More Days....

I am counting down to the day.  The most tensed day in 2014 for me since the start of the new year.  In 5 days, Cass and I would have to go to HKL again.

Cass is scheduled to go for a Urodynamics Test to see her bladder activity.  If this was just a simple procedure sans pain, I would not feel the tension.  I feel tensed as I am worried Cass will not be able to take the pain and discomfort when the doctor inserts 2 catheters into her urethra and rectum.  How will she be able to tolerate the pain for a whole one hour?  Only God can remove her fears and pain.

If you know what Cass has been going through since she was 6 weeks old (problem detected in-utero), I hope that you will kindly say a little prayer for my baby girl for her to have a smooth sailing Urodynamics Test next week. Please pray that she will feel no pain and no fear throughout the test.

Thank you...

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