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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of New Teeth And Shark Teeth

Cass' first baby tooth dropped right smack in the month she turned 6, exactly like what has been written in those baby care books.

For weeks the lower front tooth had been shaking. She wanted badly for the tooth to drop so that she could get $$ from the Tooth Fairy. Silly girl. She has been really influenced by what she watched from the slapstick comedy The Tooth Fairy a few months back. She even told me that she wished that her teeth will fall off so that she gets lots of money from the Tooth Fairy *face palm*!

And the day Cass' tooth dropped was pretty memorable and eventful, just like Sherilyn's teeth shedding moments. I was feeding her mango from the seed. She sucked on the seed and when I pulled the seed away from her mouth, she told me that her tooth was almost yanked off! And then she pulled it out herself! Ya, just like that. My brave girl, as brave and tough as ever. Not a tear was shed albeit there was some blood which she really hated the 'bitter taste'. That was how she described her blood.

Now my wish for Cass is for the other lower front tooth  to drop off AS SOON AS POSSIBLE coz you know why?  She has a SHARK TEETH just behind the baby tooth.  This means that an adult tooth is sprouting out even though the baby tooth has not fallen off yet. Now if the adult tooth comes out and the baby tooth is still firmly rooted in the gums, then she may have to extract that baby tooth to make way for the adult tooth, OUCH!!  :( 

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