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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grilled Shishamo and Cod Fish

A few nights before the MIL returned from Hawaii about a fortnight ago, I grilled some Shishamo and cod fish. Shishamo is also called smelt fish with many eggs or some people call it pregnant fish. It was my first time grilling Shishamo and cod fish using the oven and it was a success.  Thankfully the cod fish did not stick to the aluminium foil as I brushed some cooking on the foil before placing it into the oven.

I never knew that grilled cod fish could taste SO good. The meat was tender and juicy and it tasted so much better than steamed ones.

For the Shishamo, they were quite fragile due to the pint size and I had to watch the oven really closely so that they did not get burnt.  The skin of the Shishamo did stick a little to the aluminium foil though.

I will definitely try grilling cod fish in the oven again!

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