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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Of all the household chores, I have to say that I like doing laundry and washing loos the most ha ha ha!   However, in the laundry department, I only like putting dirty laundry into the washing machine and hanging them. I don't like keeping the laundry, hate folding them and absolutely hate ironing them.  So I tai chi ironing to my part-time helper.  Speaking of part-time helper, I think I can write a separate post on them.  From paying them RM700 a month just last year, I have no choice but to spend RM1,000 on my new part-time helper now :(  Oh well, I believe that this is money spent to get some sanity and me-time.

Anyway, back to my favorite list of household chores.  My friends often flip when I tell them that I do 4-5 loads of laundry in a day. But don't flip just yet.  Each load is only a 30-minute cycle. I have a light colored clothing load, a dark colored clothing load, a load for hubs' stinky post-exercise clothes and a load for floor mats and wash clothes every day :D  All in, my washing machine only works for 2.5 hours in a day.  I know many of you set your washing machine to a 1.5 hour cycle for each load but I don't.  I think that the color of the clothes will fade faster  the longer they spent soaked in detergent and spinning. So I shorten the cycle and my clothes come out feeling clean and fresh-smelling anyway :)   And sometimes I do not even need to iron my outing clothes as my spin is set to only 500spm.

On sunny mornings like today, I feel therapeutic just looking at my clean laundry getting a good dose of sunlight and disinfection :D

It is an irony that I hate sunny days but love watching my laundry bask under the sun.

I think I definitely have OCD! And I know someone must be very pleased with this fact, as the dirty laundry basket is always empty.  Clean and ironed clothes are always back into their wardrobe every nite.

And once a week, blankets get washed and sun-dried to a nice smelling sun fragrance too! I think I deserve a much better pay from the boss!

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