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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tragic News

My Saturday afternoon today has been ruined after I read the  news of a 6-year old girl who plunged to her death from the third floor of The Gardens Shopping Mall.   As I read the Facebook postings and news, I tried imagining how I would feel it I were the parents of the deceased *feeling horrified*!!

According to the news being circulated in Facebook, the girl was playing at the escalator while her father was buying pop corns and then bang, a life was lost, just in a matter of seconds :(


Reading news like this makes me even more paranoid whenever I go shopping with my kids.  Cass can be pretty stubborn at times and would refuse me to hold her hand.  Each time I leave the girls with the hubs while I go shopping (the hubs will either bring them to the movies or theme park), I feel tensed and worried.  The hubs can be a very careless person at times. He is definitely not as careful as me with the kids.

So to all parents with young kids, please please please do watch over your kids whenever you are out at the mall or crowded places. Never ever loose sight and hold of your child.  A moment of neglect can be your lifetime of regret.

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