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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Conversation With The Rascal

Cass can be a very sarcastic and saucy 6-year old at times, retorting answers which are quite disrespectful to the elders.

Here is a conversation (in Mandarin) with her grandma today. I find it sarcastic yet jaunty and funny at the same time.

Grandma - Kay Li, you were late for school this morning right?

Cass - yes! How do you know?

Grandma - of course I know!

Cass - if you already know, then why do you even have to ask me huh??

Grandma - (speechless)!!

And at times, she has a wicked sense of humor too and can be very imaginative.

While eating honey stars and moon for breakfast yesterday, she found a pair of conjoining star with moon.  She was amazed and came to me saying this "mummy, look!  A star and moon joined together, kissing!  Just like a boy and a girl hugging and kissing!"

 photo Cass-kissinghoneystarampmoon_zps02dd47c4.jpg

This rascal is physically, mentally, emotionally and financially challenging to raise. But I just love her to bits!

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