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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holiday In Ipoh

After lunch at Kong Heng @ Ipoh Old Town yesterday, we adjourned to Ipoh Garden (outside Post Office) to have cendol by the roadside.

There was a kacang putih seller next to the cendol stall and hubs bought some.


Just next to the 2 stalls we saw a flock of pigeons pecking on kacang putih on the ground.  The girls were excited to see so many pigeons. Hubs bought a Ringgit of fried dhall peas for the girls to feed the pigeons.

It was the girls' first time feeding pigeons by the roadside. This is one of the reasons why I love going back to my hometown. It is only in Ipoh that the girls get to experience the life of living in a kampung (well, not so kampung actually). At least they get to play sand, feed birds, pluck flowers and grass from my parents' garden, see ants, snails, dragon flies, bees, climb up hills, going to the wet market, play badminton in the middle of the road and play with neighbors' dogs.

We were supposed to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant but the hubs craved  to eat Ipoh street food, so we went to a coffee shop @ Ipoh Garden East to drown ourselves in good old Ipoh hawkers' food *BURPS and rubs belly*  :D

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