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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I. Hate. Katsaridaphobia!


And I have Katsaridaphobia! That's fear of cockroaches.

Cass always asks me this: "mummy, why do God have to create cockroaches?"  Or "why did God create bad people, why did God create moths, etc. etc?" 

Why do phobias even have to exist?!

Of all the insects and objects in this world, why do I have to fear something so small?  In fact, I am terrified of any insect that have flappy wings that can fly, especially those than emit bad odor like our 'siew keong' (aka cockroaches in Cantonese). 

And you know what? I always think I have sixth sense.  This morning when I woke up at 4:45am, I just had this hunch that a cockroach is lurking in the house!  And I am damn right.  My sixth sense has never failed me.  Just as I opened the bathroom door, OH MY GOD!  I saw this really huge black ugly roach slowly creeping on the floor... right smack in the middle of the bathroom!  So how the heck am I and the girls going to use the bathroom?  I felt like screaming my lungs out.  I quickly woke up the hubs.  I did not care if he would say unsavoury things like "eeyer, why wake me up so early and blah blah blah".  I just needed him to get rid of that enemy in my house!

Thank God my sweet hubs pulled his butt out from bed. I quickly passed the bottle of Sol-U-Guard spray (from Melaleuca and damn good in killing roaches and mozzies, savely) to hubs.  He quickly sprayed the tea tree oil solution on the fler but as elusive as the roaches are, it just managed to disappear itself right before our eyes.  I was horrid.  As long as the fler is not caught, it could just be anywhere - it could be on my bed or under my pillow!  EEEEEWWEEEEE!!  I wanted to flee from my own home!

I had no time to waste. I could not afford to waste all my time finding the elusive roach.  I had chores to do and I had to get the girls up for school.

After the girls had gone to school, I bugged the hubs to find the roach no matter what!  He so kindly helped me find siew keong by moving the bed to check under the bed.  He even pulled the heavy king-size mattress up to see if siew keong is clinging on to its dear life underneath but no, it ain't there.  Then hubs surprised me by propping up the super heavy divan bed to check inside while calling out "siew keong, where are you?"  LOL!  My hubs, he is sweet like that lar.  He makes me fuming mad all the time with his MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig)attitude yet can make me giggle like a silly teenager. But the bad news is siew keong is still no where to be found!

I have just gotten back from the mini mart with a pack of cockroach bait and have just placed a bait in every room and bathroom.

I hope siew keong's body will be found tomorrow, else I will be living in fear!!  Dear Lord, please get rid of my fear of cockroaches, pleassssse!  Amen.

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