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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Famous Char Koay Teow @ Lorong Selamat, Georgetown

After our 'starter' consisting of no-frills baked crabs and baked prawns at Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe @ Tg. Tokong, we adjourned to Lorong Selamat to tuck into the world famous Lorong Selamat char koay teow!   To my hubs, a trip to Penang will never be complete without tucking into Penang char koay teow, cendol and ice-kacang.

Honestly, I think that the standard of the char koay teow has dropped.  The 'hor fun' that we got did not have enough 'wok hei' (this means not fried thoroughly) as the noodles appeared pale and did not have the 'wok hei' aroma.  Well, I guess the standard has dropped when there is mass production.  Aunty obviously could not handle the surge in customers during the school holidays.  The only thing that made the plate of noodles stand out were the huge prawns.  Each plate came with about 4 huge prawns.  Even my daughters commented that they preferred the char koay teow from our KL neighborhood coffee shop char koay teow seller.

The somewhat old auntie manning the stall is as famous as the char koay teow itself.  She is always seen donning a red beret.  With alleged arrogance towards her by her customers, yet the coffee shop is always full to the brim!  And yes, I think she and her workers are arrogant. When we asked for extra chopsticks and plates, they were very reluctant to provide and mumbled some Hokkien words which we could not comprehend! We ordered 3 plates and there were 6 of us, so asking for extra plates and chopsticks is understood. I heard that recently, there was a Facebook campaign to boycott her stall!

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