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Monday, September 15, 2014

Homecooked Dinner - 12 September 2014

Another simple and healthy homecooked dinner dished out in under an hour by a self-declared super busy no-time-to-even-shit health freak mummy :D

Grilled chicken drummets, steamed tofu and stir-fried organic veggie.

The chicken drummets were seasoned with all my favorite types of herbs and darkened with blackstrap molasses.

I tossed in some deep-fried crunchy vegetarian anchovies on the tofu.  To safe time, I placed the tofu on a stainless steel plate and heated it in the oven for about 10 minutes while the drummets were still in the oven.

As usual, one of my photos was once again photo-bombed by someone who could not wait for mummy to snap the pix. 

The vegetarian anchovies are made of mushrooms stumps and are very yummy!  They can be eaten on its own as snacks.


For getting a greased face and hands and clothes splattered with hot oil, my reward  is always getting a happy smile on my girls' faces :)


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