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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Homecooked Dinner - 29 August 2014

Our Friday night grill...

Grilled Saba fish with an assortment of herbs.  I added ground cumin (love the aroma of this herb!), ground coriander, black pepper, parsley and oh boy, I think I used more than 8 types of natural aromatic dried herbs to marinate this fish to mask the fishy odor.  My mil has a cupboard filled with some very amazing and aromatic herbs, some of which were brought back from her recent trip to Hawaii.

Grilled organic Japanese pumpkin.  The pumpkin wedges were steamed for about 15 minutes and grilled for another 15 minutes in the oven.

I was having a stuffy nose that night, thus could not taste the fish. But I got the thumbs up and 'high 10s' from my 3 fussy eaters. Even Cass who was recovering from a stomach flu and did not have the appetite to eat anything walloped the fish!   So, I think I aced in this grilled herbs Saba fish with a 10/10! HA HA!

Stir-fried portobello mushrooms and Shimeji mushrooms with an entire bulb of garlic.  I needed the potent compound from garlic to help fight off my flu, thus I used a big bulb of garlic, sliced, to stir-fry this dish :)

On the menu tonight will be beef bolognese spaghetti. I am leaving my desk now to prepare dinner. This time, I will be blending the tomatoes, garlic and onions with a food processor. This will safe me some time chopping them up! :D

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