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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sneak Peek Of Cass' Concert Costume

Cass' kindy concert will be held on Sunday this week. Yeah, it will be another long and tiring Sunday for me. Cass and I have to arrive at the concert hall by 8am!

Today was photography session in kindy in full costume and make-up.  She brought back her sexy pink dancing costume with tutu rara skirt.  Since she still had her make-up on, I made her dress up again and coerced her to do a few poses for me... and bribed her with 6 pieces of Tortilla chips muahahahaha!!


 My sexy maxi, rosy posy baby girl. Can't believe that this will be her last concert in kindy and next year she will be in Primary 1!


I also coerced her to wear this Princess Anna (Frozen) costume from my online store


Cute as a button my baby Cass but when she transforms into the devil's twin, she makes me spew out hot acid from my mouth!

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