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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Favorite Ipoh Street Food

Before we left Ipoh for KL on 18 Sept 2014, hubs left the house very early in the morning to hunt for all our favorite Ipoh street food.  He managed to catch the nyonya kuih seller at Ipoh Garden South and got a box of my favorite black glutinous rice ang koo with generous mung bean fillings. It's been yonks since I last sank my teeth into this kuih with super soft and chewy skin. A bite of it can send me straight to foodie heaven!

Pulut sambal - not my favorite but my mil's though.

Soft, sticky and smooth kuih talam and pulut tekan kaya with decadent kaya...

Homemade yam cake, which can be so addictive, even for someone who turns her head away from high carb food!

Famous Ipoh 'kai see hor fun' (chicken with flat rice noodles) and of course kopi ais.

Food is one of the things that I miss a lot in Ipoh.  Our most recent trip was only a short 2 days.  But  we managed to cover many of our favorite street food, including my  childhood favorite Hakka fishball noodles.

So did I care a jot about the muffin top spilling out from my hot short pants as a result of all these high carb food?  Not really this time.  I have discovered something that works well for me where I can eat all that I want, cut down on exercise and yet not gain an ounce of weight ;)

And for those of you who are less than perfect in your body, here's a very catchy song by Meghan Trainor that will make you accept and love your body - All About That Bass. I can't seem to shake this song out of my head today haha!  Do enjoy your favorite high calorie food while you listen to this song.  It will make you feel less guilty for sure! ;)

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