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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just Another Meal Whipped Up

It was a very warm and humid day on Thursday. After being cooped up in the kitchen for only 1/2 hr, I felt like I needed a bath immediately as I smelled of grilled salmon and raw garlic all over. And I was sweating as if I had just stepped out of the sauna!   But I had to pick up Miss Drama Queen from the enrichment center.   By the time I got back at 7ish pm, I lost my appetite to eat. What I only wanted to do was to have a refreshing cool shower.

This is the grilled salmon with mushroom sauce (cooked with extra virgin olive oil + butter + garlic + herbs + turmeric powder).


Before I could grab my phone to snap a presentable picture of the salmon right out of the oven, my pack of hungry wolves started to devour both slices of the fish and disintegrated the fish till it looked really unpalatable.  I call them wolves coz the way they devour their meat is just like how wolves would devour and rip apart their prey! 

While the hungry wolves chowed down their coconut milk rice and salmon, I had a bowl of refreshing salad with a match-box size piece of salmon.  That is how much I eat each night,  thus my size :)

The left over salmon was used as filling for baked crispy wraps for Friday lunch. Cass like it very much and wrote a little sweet note for me :)


Check out the smiley face with a licking tongue too :))  I love this baby girl, really!

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