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Monday, October 27, 2014

Korean Style Seaweed Cheese Fried Rice (Meat-less)

The seaweed cheese fried rice that I ate at Palsaik Korean BBQ restaurant the previous day left me with much motivation to replicate the dish the following day.

Though I did not have a pot of  spicy seafood soup as the star ingredient for the fried rice, what I could get from my kitchen cabinet was sufficient to spice up the fried rice to our satisfaction.

This is a meat-free fried rice.  I only used garlic (1.5 head), 4 medium sized ripened tomatoes, 2 packets of bok choy, mozzarella cheese, seasoned seaweed, cajun powder, turmeric powder, pepper and soy sauce.  The original recipe uses spicy seafood soup.  I only used whatever herbs and spices that I can find in my kitchen cabinet.  I used cajun powder and pepper to bring out the mild spiciness.

First I cooked the rice in my jar rice cooker.  When holes started to appear in the rice, I dumped in 4 ripened organic tomatoes.  Once the rice is cooked, simply fork out the skin (heat separates the skin from the tomato, thus saves you the trouble of peeling it) and mash the tomatoes.

My wannabe celebrity chef volunteered to help me slice up the block mozzarella cheese.  I used 1 whole block of Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella cheese.  I love buying this brand of block mozzarella cheese as it is not salty and has minimal food additives. For kids, I highly recommend buying block cheese as it is lower in sodium and has lesser food additives like anti-caking agent.

Brown the garlic, fry the chopped bok choy, put in the tomato rice and all the spices and fry. Add soy sauce, Lea & Perrin sauce or fish sauce if you fancy that.  Sweep the rice aside and add in 5 eggs - continue frying the eggs till cooked. Mix everything together well.  Finally add in the mozzarella cheese.

I just love the cob-web like effect from the melted mozzarella cheese.  So yummy!  Would be even cheesier and tastier if I used 2 blocks of mozzarella cheese as I had quite an amount of rice (about 6 bowls)

My girls call this pizza fried rice!

Miss Drama Queen pressed her rice onto the plate to shape it into a pizza and added more mozzarella cheese on top!

I like mine with extra seasoned Korean seaweed.  This fried rice is just so flavorful despite being meat-less.  For vegetarians, you can omit the eggs and add some kimchi to fry with the rice.   My next creation would be kimchi fried rice with lots of veggies.  Thinking of kimchi already makes me drool, hehe!

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