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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Saturday - 11 October 2014

Today has been an unexciting and dull day for us.  It's the eve of the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn's final exam.

Hubs left the house very early in the morning for work.  He has a wedding function to oversee and the venue is at Janda Baik - the foot of Genting Highlands. That's an awesome and scenic place to have a wedding reception.  Hubs and his entire entourage of staff have been working hard since three days ago, at the site and at the shop.  His next major function is a mega public event in the heart of KL.  So, it looks like the girls and I would have to spend our next few weekends alone without him.

We have been homebound today, with Alycia and Sherilyn doing some eleventh hour revision for their final exam for this year.  We went out for a hurried breakfast before I dropped Sherilyn at the enrichment centre.  Dinner was at our favorite neighborhood restaurant - just the girls and me. Back home, it was back to revision.  In between revision, I cracked the girls up with their favorite songs from You Tube.  Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass song has taken the world by storm and it has definitely taken the girls and me by typhoon as well!  We can't seem to shake the song off our heads and have been singing and jiggling our booties  to Meghan's All About That Bass song  all the time :D  Singing and dancing are the way to go to de-stress oneself.   What cracked us up the most were  parody songs.

While revising with them on Possessive Form Of Nouns, I threw them some examples of names ending with 's' that should have an apostrophe after the 's'.  When I came to the name Jones,  Sherilyn's mind wandered to the song 'Me and Mrs Jones' by Michael Buble!  I just knew that she would think of that song, my whimsical girl!  And need I say more?  We ended our English revision session with karaoke-ing Michael Buble's 'Me and Mrs Jones' song!

With a day of crunching school books, the girls have been bored to tears and weariness. They all   konked out by 10pm.  The house is tranquil and bereft of voices now.  I am getting my dose of late night jazz now. I had just finished fixing Alycia's buckle on her skirt. I should have crashed out on my bed too but how can I not enjoy the absolute peace at home now? It's such a waste not to have seized this precious serenity at home on a Saturday night.  But what am I to do alone?? ha!
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