Health Freak Mommy: Our Saturday - 5 October 2014


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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Saturday - 5 October 2014

We had dim sum brunch at Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant @ Mid Valley after dropping Sherilyn at the enrichment centre  - just hubs, Cass and me.  Alycia 'ter-slept' on Friday night and had to be homebound to complete her homework before the Mandarin tutor comes.

We gave this cute piggy pau with lotus filling to the Mandarin tutor.  She deserves lots of freebies from us for being such a dedicated teacher.  Did I tell you that Alycia would Whatsapp this teacher till midnight at times for help in her homework?  And she has never failed to reply her, with patience and love!

Cass spent her day making 'pastries' and 'fruits' from colorful blue tac, with help from her daddy...

We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant at our condo as it rained the entire night and we could not get out to eat.  After dinner, daddy and the girls continued sculpting with blue tac.

Here's part of their production...

From left to right:  hotdog with mustard, plaid bun, Hello Kitty, burger and lemon pie :)

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