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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Scott Garden

Yesterday being a Deepavali public holiday, the hubs brought us to Palsaik Korean BBQ restaurant @ Scott Garden for lunch.

Someone wasn't very happy with the choice of food, thus the crabby face, ha!

As you can see from the picture, they ain't very appealing to a 6YO or just about any kid for that matter.  Every item looked green, raw and red (kim chi).  Well, initially I wasn't very excited with hubs' choice too but not until the server (handsome one too!) bbq-ed the array of flavored pork bellies and served them to us.  Service was good.

Palsaik offers 3 sets to choose from and hubs ordered the eight-color set which is priced at RM112++ and enough to satisfy 3 to 4 people. It comes with the 8 different kinds of marinated pork, huge plate of vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, big head bean sprouts and kimchi on the hotplate and their special seafood miso soup.   Generous offering of salad (with my favorite mint leaves too!) and cucumber slices with miso paste were part of the set too.

The 8 slices of pork belly were marinated in different sauces such as Ginseng, Wine, Pine Needle, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Soy Bean Paste and Red Pepper Sauce.  The flavored pork bellies are meant to be eaten in sequence, from left-to-right for maximum tingling of the taste buds.  But honestly, I find that all of them tasted the same ha! Mild in marinates yet rich in flavor and did not leave me with an aftermath of unquenchable thirst.

Tasty oink oink slices and bean spouts overload... but never mind, iLike them!  It's the ideal meal for low-carb dieters.


I wrapped the bbq-ed porky slices with raw salad leaves to dissipate the 'heatiness'.  I love wrapping the pork with mint leaves. The icy cool and refreshing peppermint flavor that comes out from the mint leaves the moment you chew the leaf seem magical and when combined with the hot bbq-ed pork, the fusion of  the different flavors is just perfect!


Each set comes with a bubbling pot of spicy seafood soup which has an abundance of seafood from crabs to lala clams, squids, prawns, tofu and green veggies.  Everyone loved this soup.  Even Cass who was not too happy with the food could not help helping herself to scoop after scoop of spicy soup.  Yup, my girls love spicy food.

The set came with a squarish piece of radish on a skew.  We thought that the radish was to be bbq-ed as well but what do we know?  Tadaaaa....

The server used the skewered radish to clean the hot pot by wiping and scraping the burnt gunk off the hot pot!    Luckily we did not bbq the radish and pop it into our mouths lol!

And the grand finale, the star of the show was the cheese fried rice.

The set certainly did not look like a superstar but it did steal the thunder from the bbq-ed pork!

How the cheese fried rice is cooked:
First the server poured the seafood soup into another bowl, leaving only about half a cup in the hot pot.  With the soup left in the hot pot, he put in the veggie, rice and seaweed and stir-fried everything together.  Finally he added the mozzarella cheese.

The cheese fried rice (RM15) with stretchy cob-web like cheese.  It looks and tastes like rice pizza and is very very delish!

So delish was the seafood soup cheese fried rice that today, I tried cooking this for dinner at home! :D
But that will be in another post :)

Will we be at Palsaik again? Most definitely yes. I think the food is pretty healthy with lots of green veggies and yummy pork - clearly a very ideal meal for low-carbers like me.  Hubs likes it too as he is also on a low-carb diet now.  But we will have to get Cass a Subway sandwich (located outside Tesco, beneath Palsaik) if we were to bring her along.  She commented after the lunch "next time, I will bring my own food if you bring me here again!"  My witty brat!

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