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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random Stories From The Girls' School

When my eldest daughter is in a mood to talk, she will pour out all that has been kept inside her head and heart.  She is like a sponge who will absorb but not ready to drip out anything yet. But when the sponge in her is full, she will spill all out to her heart's content.  Usually, she does not talk much about the happenings in school.  I normally gather information from the drama queen.  The drama queen is ever willing to tell me anything.  The moment I pick her up from the enrichment centre in the evening, she will start to relate all the happenings in school and enrichment centre till I have to ask her to stop talking. There are times when I just need the peace of mind to think, to troubleshoot problems and to plan what I have to do and cook. But when the drama queen talks continuously (she talks very loudly too!), I have to ask her to stop sometimes.  With a drama queen at home, I never have to watch dramas on TV anymore.  Her dramas are more than enough to 'entertain' me, sometimes to the verge of tears, just like in dramas!

Back to my eldest.  I am not going to mention any name since she 'warned' me not to tell anyone anything about what she had told me.  While spilling out some of the stories in school that transpired over the past few days and weeks, I had a shock when she nonchalantly mentioned to me that one of her school mates has a boyfriend.  Both the boy and girl are eleven! Only 11 just like my eldest!  I had a WTF moment when she told me that the 'couple' say their "I love you"s openly in the school canteen. To me, they are still babies!  Green horn. And still wet behind the ears!  Later, she showed me the girl and the boy's Facebook page.  The girl looks way matured than her actual age - definitely not looking like a 11-year old to me.  But the boy still looks like a 'baby' to me. Oh gawd, do they even know what they are doing or saying? What is happening? I hope this will not happen to my girls. Not until they have graduated from university at least :D

After the shocking story about the 11-year old couple, she went on to tell me another story - that one of her classmates who has asthma would look zombified each time she has her menses.  During the time of the month, this friend would be dragging her feet around school with a face as pale as snow and panda eyes.  A few weeks ago, her friend who was up on stage during a story-telling competition  had to stop short half way during her session. She was gasping for air while running to the toilet. Later, another friend found this girl on the floor of the toilet unconscious.  The girl had passed out. Her mother was called and she was sent to the hospital.  I was shocked to hear of all these things happening in school and my daughter is only telling them all to me now!

Note to self - must dish out more yummy food for the girl. She feeds me with juicy stories when she is well fed with yummy food, usually during dinner ;)

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