Health Freak Mommy: Auckland Trip - Day 8 (17 December 2014)


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Auckland Trip - Day 8 (17 December 2014)

We had planned to bring the girls to the Butterfly Creek today but darn it, it has been yet another wet and chilly day today.  So plan B came into place - indoor activity... and off we went to the skating rink.

It was Cass' first ever ice skating experience.

The drama queen is pretty good in this.  In her second attempt today, she managed to skate independently, without the aid of a brace!

After ice skating, we had Chinese noodles takeaway before crossing over to Burger Fuel.  As I had said before, nothing makes the man happier than food!

Anyone visiting New Zealand should try L&P or Lemon & Paeroa,  L&P is a sweet soft drink manufactured in New Zealand. Traditionally made by combining lemon juice with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa, it is now manufactured by multi-national Coca-Cola.


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