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Thursday, December 4, 2014

High Drama Day

Today has been a high drama day for me!

After brekkie at the coffee shop, I dragged the drama queen into the hair salon to have her hair trimmed.  Her hair, which is thick and frizzy has been pretty hard to manage now.  It was already at her chest level.  And the speed at which she showers and washes her thick long locks everyday gives the MIL and I the shudder.  We have been checking her hair after each wash and we found out that she did not know how to wash and rinse it properly. So her long locks has to go - part of it.    But the drama queen, as stubborn as a bull refused to get inside the hair salon.  First episode of the drama was getting her into the hair salon.  Second episode of the drama was to get the hair stylist to cut more of her tress.  In the midst of getting her to return to the chair for the hair stylist to trim more of her hair, the drama queen scratched my hand while trying to push it away! Till the bloody skin came off! Yeah, it was bloody and painful! After a big hoo ha, I stormed out of the hair salon. Her father was fuming mad and dragged her back into the hair salon. She bawled and bawled till she almost puked!   We gave her  a plastic bag for fear that she would puke and there was a pile of soaked tissue papers... with her tears, goo and all!  Yeah, really sob story and an intensified drama - just like those Indian love dramas where the girl would cry and cry and attempt suicide when her parents forced her to marry another man - that kind of tearful drama.  Really malufying at the hair salon. Once back home, she stormed into the bathroom, locked herself in there and wailed the second round.

But there is something that I like about the drama queen. She recovers from her outbursts pretty quickly.  She can be bawling away  till she pukes but after an hour or so, she is all cheery and chatty again.  Like today, after she picked up her composure and accepted the fact that her hair is not as long as it used to be, she kept  mocking the hair stylist and kept saying "I hate my short hair" but she's A-OK. There is now no more tearful and emotional outburst. 

Next drama - in the afternoon.    I was driving to the mini mart as the MIL wanted to buy some locks for our luggage bags.  5 minutes into driving, someone with itchy hands wound down the window at the back-seat.  And what do I know?  The drama queen suddenly screamed out dramatically... as if I had just run over someone (which I thought I did, fark!)  "mummmmmmy!!!!  the the the.... that thing....it dropped!!!!  The reindeer's antler just flew away... there!!!!!"   She wanted to open the door while I was driving to pick up the reindeer's antler.  I hollered at her to "STOP and DON'T MOVE!  STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND DON'T OPEN THE DOORRRRR!!"  like a mad lady!  I made a U-turn, parked my car at the road shoulder, ran across the road and the drama queen brought me to the spot where the antler had flown to.  That was really another heart-stopping moment.  I really thought that the drama queen would jump out of my moving car to retrieve the antler.  And I gave Cass a big big shelling session after that.

With a big drama queen at home, I really do not need to watch any more drama.  Life is entertaining enough, naturally!

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