Health Freak Mommy: Holiday In Auckland - 17 December 2014


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday In Auckland - 17 December 2014

After dinner at home yesterday, the adults went to Sylvia Park for shopping.  One of my SILs and BIL stayed home to babysit the 5 kiddos.

I managed to grab some tees that were on sale at Pumpkin Patch and T&T for Alycia and Sherilyn.

After shopping for the kids, hubs and I went to Park N Save to get some groceries and a cartful of chocolates!   Whittaker's chocolates are pretty cheap in NZ and this is our third (or was it fourth?) round shopping for Whittakers!

Whittaker's is the biggest chocolate brand in New Zealand, in front of Cadbury.

This is just part of the loot.  Later hubs spotted more chocolates and added them into the cart! I think these chocolates will be perfect gifts for family members and friends from our holiday in NZ.

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