Health Freak Mommy: Random Pictures In Auckland (14 & 15 December 2014)


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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Random Pictures In Auckland (14 & 15 December 2014)

Homebound on Sunday as it was drizzling the whole day.  So the kids played Monopoly and other board games.  It has been wet and cold here in Auckland almost daily.  Temperature is about 11-20 degrees Celsius.

Lunch at home on Sunday.  SILs cooked.

On Sunday evening, we went to cousin A's aerobic gymnastics concert.  It was another eye-opening experience for the girls.  The senior performers are national gymnasts and danced really really well.

Yesterday (Monday), the kids played soccer, roller-skating, scooter and hill climbing at Barry Curtis Park.  After burning off loads of calories climbing up the hills, hubs brought them to dig into some sushi at Bruce Lee's Sushi.

The dog lover in me just cannot help patting those super cute doggies and snapping pix of them!

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