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Friday, December 5, 2014

See You In Four Days!

My lucky girls - traveling with grandma again. This time to Auckland.  Five years ago it was to Hong Kong when Alycia was 6 and Drama Queen was 4.  They had a blast in Disneyland.

Five years ago, Cass was in dire need of a surgery and could not join her 2 che ches in Hong Kong.

This time, she won't miss the fun for sure. 

See you my babies... in 4 days... in Auckland!

And happy 11th birthday to you, my 'precious baby' Alycia!  I hope MAS will give you a surprise birthday pressie on the plane!  I am sure this birthday will forever be etched in your memory as it is extra extra special and expensive!  How many 11-year olds get to celebrate their birthday tens of thousands of feet in the air eh?


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