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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Japanese Guilty Pleasure Lunch

Today we indulged in a little guilty pleasure for lunch... an occasional indulgence of instant noodles! :D

Actually, I had planned to make grilled sandwiches for lunch again today. But a miscommunication with Alycia's guitar teacher made us all waiting until 2pm. In the end, he did not turn up. And since it was already so late and the girls were famished, I had to whip up something really really fast. They were all digging out chocolates and ice creams to satiate their tummies already, so I had to dish up something sustaining for them right away!

The only thing that I could think of was instant noodles.  So I rummaged through the kitchen cabinet and fished out an inviting looking packet of instant ramen noodles that the MIL bought from Japan recently.  She had told me before that this ramen noodles taste really good.  So yep, instant noodles look good and I quickly cranked up the stove. I also found the last can of spam meat that the MIL bought from Japan to go with the instant noodles!

As the pot of noodles looked too 'spammy', I threw in some fresh button mushrooms and chopped up some scallions to minify the spammy-ness, ha!

Our toothsome morsel.  Unhealthy foods do taste good!

My consolation was that the seasoning supposedly contain no MSG and I think it's quite true as I did not have to gulp down cups after cups of water to quench my thirst after whacking the noodles.

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