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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blueberry Picking In New Zealand

After our Hobbiton tour, we stopped by at the blueberry plantation to pick our own blueberries.  We were all super excited as it was our first!

Before we started registering our names for the PYO blueberries, the kids were already licking on blueberry ice creams.  What a cooling and delightful way to cool ourselves down after being roasted by the scorching fiery sun for over 2 hours at the Hobbiton tour!

Can you see Cass' sun burnt arms?

I think I was more excited than the kids as it was my first time picking blueberries!

Every registered blueberry picker will be given a pail to place the blueberries, which will be weighed after our session.  I popped some blueberries into our mouths as we plucked them!   Just could not resist the temptation!

Most of the blueberries were not really ripe yet. When we saw bright blue ones like the ones shown below, we were all excited and quickly pluck them off from the branches!

These were not 100% ripened yet but we still plucked them anyway!

Our loot after an hour...

A whopping 2.77kg blueberries and that only cost us NZD27.70.  So cheap eh?  That would have cost us over a hundred Ringgit back home.

With so much blueberries, we made blueberry jam for pancakes and I lugged 2 punnets back to KL.  As the blueberries were a tad sour, I tossed a handful into my Blendtec blender and made multi-fruit smoothies for everyone everyday for over a week :)

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