Health Freak Mommy: Mission Bay, New Zealand - 22 December 2014


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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mission Bay, New Zealand - 22 December 2014

After our sumptuous and absolutely delightful brunch at Puhoi Valley Cafe And Cheese Store,we drove to Mission Bay, a seaside suburb of Auckland city, on the North Island of New Zealand. The suburb's beach is a popular resort, located alongside Tamaki Drive. The area also has a wide range of eateries.

Lovely summer day on Mission Bay Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

There were rows of Pohutukawa trees (New Zealand Christmas tree) with an abundance of stunning red flowers along  Mission Bay.  Quite a sight to behold.  From afar, they look like our very own rambutan trees.

The girls, especially Cass got another round of sun kisses  from this beach outing.  They played football at a park opposition the beach. Cass spent 2 hours scanning the beach to pick up seashells (one of her latest obsessions). You can see from the picture below that she now spots really tan hands, legs and face, so much that she does not look like a Chinese anymore! LOL!

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