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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Sunday - 18 January 2015

After church last Sunday, we went to Jaya One to search for something really quick to satiate our hunger pangs. It was already 1ish pm and we wanted something quick.  After making a 20-minute survey of what was available, hubs was drawn to the buffet brunch at Robata Monkey Bar & Grill Japanese Restaurant.  Actually that was not at all my choice mainly because of the price. But since hubs was so insistent, ok la, we settled for the buffet brunch.

Our chawan mushi came first, then this fresh sashimi platter.   I devoured on the raw fish like a hungry bear!

The girls and my all-time favorite Japanese dish - grilled squid!

Grilled salmon belly - this dish had us ticking at all the correct boxes -- crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the interior with a briny taste. It was so yummy that we ordered two portions.

Chicken yakitori...

Tasty morsel of  lamb cutlet teppanyaki...

Tempura vegetables - very crispy and delightful but not the healthiest choice to savour vegetables though

We went bananas over the monkey yaki, a  delightful skewer of three  grilled bananas, each wrapped with a slice of smoked duck breast that tantalized us with its combination of sweet-briny flavours. A skewer was not enough to satiate us and we ordered another skewer.

After  tucking into our delish sizzling meal with gusto, we adjourned to get some coconut ice creams at one of the kiosks before going to Old School (also at Jaya One) for the girls to play.  Sherilyn and Cass each made a clay key chain while Alycia went to the book store with her grand aunt.  I went grocery shopping but was a tad disappointed with the Cold Storage at Jaya One.

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