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Friday, February 6, 2015

Appointment With Urology Surgeon

A week ago, we were supposed to meet the urology surgeon to discuss Cass' MRI report (MRI done on 30 Dec 2014) but what do we know? The nurse lost the report!!  Though I had called a few days before the appointment to confirm the date, the nurse did not tell me about the missing report... not until after we had waited for 2 hours at the hospital, WTF!! Cass was so disappointed that she blurted this out to the nurse upon hearing the bad news "WHAT?? You made me wait here for nothing??!! And you made me skip school for nothing!! "  My acidic words were also about to spill out at the edge of my tongue BUT I knew I had to remain calm and not loose myself coz hello, this is a government hospital. I better not make those nurses angry, or they will make my life difficult. So I swallowed back my venom  and  'yannnnnn'!!

Fast forward to a week later. At the eleventh hour, I got a call saying that Cass' MRI report was found. And I was supposed to meet the doctor in a few hours. What?? Hubs was mad with the last minute notice but what to do, yannnnn!  I had to pick Cass up from school a few hours before school dismissed so that she had time to eat going to the hospital. We always have to spend at least 4 hours at the hospital and on some occasions, the whole day.

And after a 3-hour freaking long wait, we finally got to see the urology surgeon and head of pead.  The MRI scans were 'degraded' as the images were not clear. The doctors could not rely 100% on the report. So the next thing for Cass is a Cystoscopy scan in June 2015.  Cass must be under GA in the OT room for this procedure.  SIGH... why must my baby girl go through all these difficulties and invasive procedures just to find out what is going wrong? I know there must be a reason for all these but He will only reveal the answer much later...

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