Health Freak Mommy: Conversation With The Kids and Lunch - 27 March 2015


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Friday, March 27, 2015

Conversation With The Kids and Lunch - 27 March 2015

Just now after picking up Alycia and Cass from the transporter at our condo lobby, Cass was chasing after Alycia. She wanted to hug her che che but Alycia was avoiding Cass by running away. Though it is nice to get hugs, I have to say that being hugged  and kissed incessantly all the time  can be darn annoying. Cass has a habit of hugging Alycia  and the friends whom she is fond of, to the point that it gets irritating, especially when she hugs too roughly and uncontrollably, thereby pushing the person down, inadvertently.

Conversation inside the lift...

Alycia - Cassandra, you have to know and learn what PERSONAL SPACE is!!

Cassandra - *looking stunned at her che che*...

Me - Personal space? Oh look who's talking eh!  Who reads all my Whatsapp messages  even before I read them?  Who secretly reads all my Facebook messages? Who goes through my drawer, takes out the things that I hide and asks me what is this and that?  Who is invading my personal space huh?

Alycia -- *speechless*

Me -  So give me my personal space and privacy and stop using my handphone ok?!

Silence..... and the lift door opens.

* evil grin*

This is our lunch today (leftover from dinner last night)...
Stir-fried organic cabbage with minced pork, braised chicken drumsticks and eggs with soy sauce, garlic, star anise and blackstrap molasses.  Otak-otak from pasar malam.  All these to go with coconut milk rice.

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