Health Freak Mommy: HFM's Awesome Rawsome Lunch - 12 March 2015


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Thursday, March 12, 2015

HFM's Awesome Rawsome Lunch - 12 March 2015

My lunch yesterday - 11 March 2015, fit for a health freak...

A head of Oakleaf Green veggie with cherry tomatoes, toasted walnuts, pecans, almonds. macadamia, Korean seaweed, fried shallots, toasted sesame seeds and a drizzle of sesame dressing.  Also whacked 3 pieces of braised pork ribs, which were from dinner the day before.

Love this roasted laver (seaweed) from Korea - it's packed with so much crunchiness, natural flavor and goodness.  I can even eat my salads sans any dressing if I have this seaweed and a handful of flavorful fried shallots on them.

Orange and mango smoothie...

For breakfast, I ate 2 free-range chicken eggs to boost my iron production (I am anemic), a cup of homemade butter pecan cupcake and a piece of toasted wholemeal bread with homemade walnut-pecan-almond-macadamia nut jam.

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